Art Of Đờn Ca Tài Tử Music And Song In Southern Viet Nam


When you join Mekong Delta tours to visit Ben Tre, My Tho, Can Tho, these places are very famous for Don Ca Tai Tu – That is traditional music performance, so it is considered the best places khổng lồ enjoy this southern Vietnamese folk music.

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A Don ca tai tu performance

What is Don Ca Tai Tu?

Don ca tai tu is a musical art that has both scholarly và folk roots. It developed in southern Vietnam in the late nineteenth century. The repertoire of Don ca tai tu is based on trăng tròn principal songs (bài Tổ) và 72 classical songs (bài nhạc cổ). These songs consist of ‘skeletal melodies’ which are used as the basis for improvisation and variation. Don ca tai tu performers express feelings and sentiments by improvising, ornamenting & varying the ‘skeletal melody’ of pieces và the main rhythmic patterns.

Don ca tai tu is played on a variety of different instruments including the "kìm" (moon-shaped lute), "" (two-stringed fiddle), "tranh" (16-string zither), "tỳ bà" (pear-shaped lute), "song lang" (percussion), "bầu" (monochord) & "sáo" (bamboo flute), & the violin & guitar which were adapted. The guitar used by "tài tá»­" artists has a deep, hollowed-out finger board, enabling musicians lớn play special ornamentation characteristic of Don ca tai tu.People in southern Vietnam consider "Don ca tai tu" to lớn be an indispensable spiritual cultural activity and a highly valued part of their cultural heritage. It is performed at numerous events such as festivals, ‘death anniversary’ rituals such as the Death Anniversary of the Ancestors held annually on the twelfth day of the eighth lunar month, & celebratory social events lượt thích weddings & birthdays. The audience can join practicing, making comments or creating new tuy vậy texts.

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Don ca tai tu was added to lớn the National các mục of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2012.

The Don ca tai tu musicians


The artists in Don ca tai tu

Master instrumentalists (Thày Đờn), who are highly skillful at playing and teaching numerous instruments & who have mastered all of the classical repertoire.Master lyricists (Thày Tuồng), who are knowledgeable & experienced at composing new song texts.Master singers (Thày Ca), who have mastered the classical repertoire & who can perform and teach the distinctive Don ca tai tu vocal techniques and ornamentation.There are also regular instrumentalists (Danh cầm) and singers (Danh ca).

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Don ca tai tu is the pride of Vietnamese people in Mekong Delta, it is the hàng hóa of soul và talent of people in the river land. If you take a tour khổng lồ discover Mekong Delta, it is such a pity that you don't experience listening lớn Don ca tai tu. We hope that this type of folk tuy vậy will soothe down your mood. Thank you!