What Is The Difference Between First Name, Middle Name And Last Name

Here is an article that teaches you on how khổng lồ arrange your first name, middle name and last name when filling out forms.

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It is not enough bearingyour name. It is also important you know how to arrange it when filling outa form, especially a khung that does not provide columns for first name, middlename & last name but just name. Some persons have been denied scholarships,jobs, visas, và in most cases, had their certificates reprinted because theirmiddle names were mistaken for their surnames, and vice versa. Those withjusttwonames usually donot have this problem as compared khổng lồ those with more than two names. With thatsaid, let"s look at the following full nameandtwo ways theindividual names can be arranged:

First name:TammyMiddle name: DonaldLast name/Surname: Reuben

First order: Tammy DonaldReubenSecond order: Reuben, TammyDonald

The first order isstraightforward và very common. In this order, you write yourfirstname,followed by yourmiddle nameandlast name/surname.

Unlike the first order,the second order is mostly used for citations although we can still write ournames in this order. & this is why it deserves more attention. Whenwriting your name in this order, your last name/surname comes first, và youmust use a comma lớn separate it from the others. Then the first name follows; followed the middle name (as illustrated above).

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Always ensure that yourname is spelt correctlyandarranged in the right order. A misspeltname, by law and logic, is not you. If you have no idea how to write your name in an essay, you can easilypay for someone khổng lồ write your paperin a strict accordance with your details và requirements.

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Is it that serious??...my middle name came first before my first name..but the last name is correct


Good day sir,In my statement of result am bearing LAWAL YAHAYA MAILAFIYA. WhileIn my NYSC dashboard am bearing MAILAFIYA, YAHAYA LAWAL. Please is there any problem, is there any need of correction??


My name in my first SSCE sitting was Ezeh Ifunanya Joy, & that of second sitting is Ezeh Joy Ifunanya but now in the university it was written as Joy Ezeh Ifunanya please how am I to arrange it so I can go for appropriate correction.

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